Thursday, September 17, 2009 : A search engine for muslims


ImHalal is a new search engine that blocks search words which could lead to pornographic results or to the contents that are 'haraam' or forbidden by Islam.

The search engine has a two-level search filter. The words directly leading to pornographic results are banned while the search results related to alcohol, drugs or pork come with a warning message. The founder believes that the user can continue with the results in the latter case as these cannot be consumed over the internet.

The search engine has a 3 star rating system. The search words related to pornographic contents like 'porn' , 'xxx', 'rape' are on a 3 srat rating and are banned completekly. However the serach results for 'beer', 'pork', 'weed' and other related words comes with a one or two star rating wherein the user can continue if they want.

"When users do a search and get a haram rating of level one or two out of three, they are advised to choose another keyword to search, but they can still continue their search if they believe the results fetched will be clean" , said Reza Sardeha, Founder,

The serach engine is introduced to relieve the internet taboo in the middel east or in other muslim countries. These countries avoid using internet or letting their children use internet due to the uncontrolled access to any information which could be against the religion or not allowed in their religion.

“We got the feeling that a lot of people in the Middle East, a lot of Muslims, really avoided the Internet and prevented their children from accessing it because they were afraid of what they might come across,” Sardeha said.

The site has already recieved some 4,00,000 unique visitors in the first week of its launch.

via [SaudiGazette]

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