Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MyChipper : Easiest way to track your expenses

We all have been through times when we just loose track of our expenses and get the know of it only at the end of the month. Well i have finally found a tool to track my expenses and also a bar-chart representation of my expenses.

The tool is a website dubbed It has a user-friendly simple interface to input your daily expenses. You can also input the information about your borrowed/lent money. There is option for recurring expenses too wherein your account automatically updates your expenses on weekly/monthly/daily/yearly basis. Expenses like monthly bills, daily travel bills, passes, membership charges can be put in the category of recurring expenses.

One can also enter the expense detail through mobile, Orkut and Gtalk apart from the website. Another advantage is that the website is new so user names like james, kunal or disha are available easily.

What one would really miss here is the option to track input money. No option for the source of money and hence you would have to calculate the available balance manually. We hope that function will be available soon.

So, Dude! Where is my money? Ask MyChipper.

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