Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Launch: JustBought.It, for shoppers of twitter

A new launch called is all set to change the way you shop. Well, at least the way you making your purchase decision. The new website is a mix-up of Twitter, TwitPic and Google Maps. All you need to do is tweet whatever you purchased with a picture of the product and the location of your purchase.

Then the registered members would be able to access this data and take use this data to make their purchase decision. The purchases can be searched by category, location or simply browse the latest purchases tweeted by other users. As the site is new, you'll find more people in the latest purchases then a location or category based search. The site is also working on deals with brands to update the tweets whenever a customer buys something.

A mobile application of is also in the making.

via [Mashable]

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