Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The geek's way of expressing love

I am not sure about you, but my girlfriend would surely kill me when i gift her this necklace. What's so different about this necklace? Well, its made up of resistors, fuses, and floppy disk parts.

For the lucky geeks whose girlfriend can atleast tell the difference between a notebook and a netbook, this might sound to be a perfect gift idea. For the unlucky once whose girlfriends hate it when you try to be cool with all your geeky knowledge and end up buying expensive gifts after a long fight, this could be the last thing on your mind for a gift.

The Zelle 1337 jewelry starts at a price of $30 onwards. It also comes with a “Certificate of Autheticity” similar to the EULA that came with Windows 95.

I was about to hit the buy button when my tech-ignorant girlfriend's angry face haunted my mind :P

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