Thursday, January 21, 2010

ITG releases xpPhone pics

ITG released the official pictures of its xpPhone.The xpPhone will be the first to be powered by a PC version of Windows. It also comes with a range of customisation functions like the option between Windows XP, MS DOS and the Windows 7, RAM upto 2GB and storage memory upto 120GB.It would also give different options of touchscreen where the users can choose between 4.3", 4.7" and 7". The camera can also be chosen between VGA, 1.3 MP, 3MP and 5MP.Interestingly, the phone would also feature customizable CPU speed with speed options over and under 1Ghz. The phone would be powered by AMD Super Mobile CPU.

The official pics released by ITG make the phone look good but i am sure it would be bulky and would get even more heavy with the higher end customised options. The ITG xpPhone is not the only xpPhone in the making. ViewSonic is also working on a similar phone that would run a full blown copy of Windows XP.

via [GSMArena]

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