Monday, November 16, 2009

Withings WiFi Body Scale to help you gain/lose weight

I really get annoyed when health centres only talk about losing weight. Believe me, there are alot of people who want to gain the weight instead (including me). Of course, there is nothing like "motivation" from those around you when you want to increase or decrease your weight. With the Withings WiFi Body Scale, you can just add on the peer pressure to an extent where you might just reach your goal.

The Withings WiFi Body Scale tweets your weight whenever you step on it. The scale needs to be connected to your Twitter account via a WiFi connection using your computer. Having peer pressure multiple Twitter followers watching (or rather reading) your every pound (or kilo) loss can serve to be a good amount of motivation to make you achieve your desired weight level. I would love to gain some weight using this weighing scale but the $159 is stopping me, especially since I rather spend that amount on some protein shakes and other health food items.

Via [OnlyGizmos]

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