Saturday, October 3, 2009

How to fail in a personal interview?

There might be these rare cases when you end up reaching for an interview process of a company, realising that you no more want the job. It happened to me recently. I applied to a company through my college placement cell. The company was paying 30k per month with accommodation. It was only when i reached their office i realised that the company had recently been involved in a huge fraud and their working style is a century old.

Backing out from an interview through the college placement cell means that you can no longer apply for any companies through them. The only option left, fail in the interview. I had never been so nervous in my life. Trying to fail is much tougher than trying to pass.

If you end up in such a situation, here are a few tips to fail in an interview -

  • Loosen your tie and the collar button before entering for the interview.
  • Sit before the interviewer asks you to.
  • Do not wish him until he does. If he does, offer your hand with the wish.
  • Put your mobile phone on ringing and ask a friend to call you during the interview.
  • When the friend calls, pick up the call and tell him that you are in an interview. Do not apologise after the call.
  • Play with your fingers, ring, chain, anything to show that you are nervous.
  • If there is no water in the interviewer's cabin, ask for water.
  • Do not look in his eyes. Enjoy the view from his office through the windows.
  • When he asks a very easy question, pretend that you did not understand the question. Its very tough to rephrase an easy question. He would end up making it more complicated and finally drop the question.
  • If he asks about your interests, tell him you like watching movies or reading bollywood news or any other hobby that does not add up to your skills.
  • Finally, while going out, slam the door.
I didn't get selected and i can assure you, you won't be either. For the ones who want to succeed in the interview, don't do any of the things mentioned here.

"If you try to fail and you fail, did you succeed or you fail?"

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