Saturday, October 31, 2009

5 Scary Gadgets I want for Halloween

Tech nerds just can't think of anything than Gadgets. And this halloween, i am thinking of new gadgets insted of a halloween costume. Below are the five scary gadgets that i wan't to own this hallowee.

1. BodyMouse

Would be helpful to scare my roomies (and me too :P) away from my laptop.

2. Demon iPhone Cover

The iPhone cover from ideal-case is available two colors black and devilish red. But I am gonna own the glow-in-dark super scary cover. Available for $17.99.

3. USB human skull drive

Time to scare away the virus from my flash drive. Available 4GB for $20 at USB Geek.

4. Resident Evil Chainsaw Flash Drive

This one used to come bundled with the Resident Evil game CD. Scary and Geeky.

5. Scary Knocker

Time to scare away the strangers. Available at FrightCatalog for $18.99.

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